Career Transition: Planning and implementing a downsizing or restructuring. Offering services to these employees to assist them in transitioning into a new position or exploring alternative career paths.

New Hire Orientation: Create and/or facilitate new hire orientation seminars regarding policies, benefits, and other useful information for incoming employees, simultaneously having them feel a part of the organization and help them to see how their position fits into the big picture and possible career paths within your company.

Career Development/Retention: Review and Develop career strategies for individuals to help them in planning their career goals and how to meet those goals. This increases the retention and loyalty of your key employees and decreases your turn-over and recruiting costs. Create and implement programs which will enhance the retention of key and hi-potential employees. Develop retention incentives to reward loyalty and map out career paths within the organization

Redeployment: Analyze individual's strengths, transferable skills and interests in order to re-direct them to potential opportunities within the organization. This will also reduce the costs and possible ill-will of employees that may have been considered for downsizing instead.

Leadership Consulting/Performance Coaching: Help your managers and team leaders to lead effectively using coaching/mentoring techniques. Identify and Develop leadership behaviors for managers and employees. These techniques can be used by individuals that are either interested in pursuing the managment role or recently promoted to a supervisory position, as well as seasoned managers that want to enhance their leadership/coaching skills. They will be able to assist their staff in communicating more effectively their goals, desires, interests and strengths.

Change Management: Aligning the company's culture, values, people, and behaviors to encourage the desired results. As companies try to implement these changes/plans most companies forget that the employees are the ones who are responsible for executing, and living with the changed environment. We can help you to address the "human side" of this process by creating communication techniques and helping the employees see the value in these changes. Any significant transformation creates "people issues." New leaders will be asked to step up, jobs will be changed, new skills and capabilities must be developed. Human nature is to be resistant to change. Dealing with these issues on a reactive, case-by-case basis puts speed, morale, and results at risk. A well thought out approach for managing change, beginning with the leadership team and then engaging "key stakeholders" - your employees, should be developed early, and adapted as often as necessary.